Ninis Ristorante Easthampton, Massachusetts

This may be a delayed post, but trust me, it’s an important one. When Tyler and I first got engaged, we pondered on what would be the best way to celebrate the big news with our family and friends. At first thought, we figured an engagement party would be appropriate as it is almost tradition… At second thought we decided, why spend all this money on an engagement party when we could save the money and put it towards our wedding. That’s when we came up with the idea of “the merger”. Well, we didn’t fully come up with it on our own, but with help of the family we decided this would be a perfect way to celebrate.

After being in a relationship for four years, Tyler and I’s families had still never had any traditional dinners nor had all the members of our families fully met yet! Seeing as when I said “yes” I was not only making a lifetime commitment with Tyler but we were promising that our families would now be one and our holidays will be shared or combined and that not only would we become children of second parents but that we would now have more brothers and sisters as well. It was only right to begin this life long journey with not only a celebration of engagement but a celebration of two families becoming one.

If you decide to have an engagement party, it will be wonderful. Nothing is better than being surrounded with family and friends during such a huge change in your life, BUT… remember that there will be plenty of time to celebrate with friends and throwing a small “merger” dinner will be all that you could wish for.