Everyone knows that in a relationship, the foundation is the key concept of a successful partnership. Without a sturdy and clean foundation, everything else will collapse. But creating this foundation isn’t just a one-man-job. It takes two to be one.

There are a few important things to keep in mind when creating your love foundation. First is teamwork. When two people live in a small, one and a half room house,  it is not uncommon for one or both to be a little grouchy sometimes. Hey, let’s be real, even our dog tends to be snarly when he’s trying to get his tenth hour of  beauty sleep and one of us talks a little too loud. But what’s crucial is to not let these little fits define your relationship. For us, surviving our small living conditions we have to be a team. When things get messy, we split the chores. When one gets sick, the other carries the team… and so on it goes.

Another concept we try to think about is never forgetting to enjoy the ride. This may seem like an obvious thought but for how obvious it really is, many people tend to forget it. Not just creating a relationship but building a relationship is supposed to be fun and exciting. Tyler and I, we tend to be money worriers. When times get tough, they get tough. BUT! One thing we have always stayed passionate and true to is our love for traveling and exploring. We feel that this is so important for couples to do. Its fresh, fun and exciting. When you are settling down with someone for the long haul, things can get “regular”. To stay a strong couple you need to mix things up. Because this whole blog is catered to keeping things inexpensive (and we all know travel is far from inexpensive) explore local. Find a new trail to hike, drive for an hour and go get an appetizer in a town you’ve never been before, take a class off of Groupon together.

There’s so many ways to build a strong foundation and continue to build steady home, you just need to look. Be creative! Enjoy what life has to offer you and stay connected! It may feel like you want to strangle your partner sometimes but it’s because you love them. Right?

Photo: Dan Abrahamson & Lauren Waslick