1e290273-ed04-452c-bc28-b8a035cb5736When I first found out there was a wedding expo at the exact venue I had been dying to see, I was beyond excited. This was really the first glace I was going to have at actual wedding planning.  The woman at the door greeted me and handed me a beautiful, dainty card with a long list of vendors to visit. If I reached every table I would be entered into a raffle for a chance to win two wedding bands. Entering the expo, I felt like nothing but diamonds. Tyler and I walked in, grabbed a glass of wine with some cheese and olives and began to walk around the tables. We looked down at the list of about 25 vendors or so and thought, “Easy! We’ve got this!” After 4 hours or so we had only seen about 14 tables… (Tip: Don’t go to an expo just for the raffle because chances are it requires a lot more than showing up.)

The tables we did get the chance to visit included: caterers, bakers, photographers, DJ’s and decorators. They all brought wonderful stuff to the table but when we saw how much each thing cost, it was insane! A wedding video: $4,000, invitations with Save the Dates: $7,000, cupcakes: $600 and so on it went. Now you know what truly inspired me to do as much DIY as possible. Although it was an experience much needed, I don’t think I would go to another but I do recommend to visit at least one because it really does come of help when figuring out a total budget.