The Basics

Let me start off by explaining what a hashtag is to those of you who may not know. The symbol which used to be more popularly known as the number or pound sign (#) has formulated into a networking tool that allows people to connect with topics or short phrases. Still confused…? Go ahead and type in #Wedding into your search bar on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook… you’ll get the point. So why have we so widely begun to brand our weddings these days with such a thing?

To start off, a hashtag gives a good common ground for your guests to share excitement, plans and photos. The earlier you come up with a hashtag for your wedding, the more it will spread and the more action it will get. It can also be very beneficial when it comes to gathering all your wedding photos when the wedding is over. No need to go crazy contacting all your guests for their photos, just click on the hashtag and they are already there.

Now, the fun part… creating your hashtag. Brain fart? Not a problem, I’ve done the research for you. You can use an online generator but chances are you wont find something that isn’t beyond corny or tacky. This is your first chance to get creative. A few tips to remember when making your tag is avoid spelling errors, capitalize the beginning of each word and CHECK IT BEFORE YOU USE IT! Common hashtags are made from combining the names of the bride and groom, incorporating your wedding theme (if any) or by using alliterations, rhymes or puns to form a clever and unique tag.

What’s my hashtag?

Using some of the tips given above, we have come up with a hashtag for our wedding. Although it is so far in advanced, we hope that announcing it now will just give our guests more time to get excited with us. We began by combining our names to come up with something catchy and clever. Unfortunately, our outcome was “testee”… not very romantic. We decided to go for simple… Something that is unique to us and easy to remember. #HappilyEverLimoges