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December 2015

9 Ways to Decorate with a Mason Jar

For those of you who are looking for a wedding similar to mine, mason jars will be your saving grace. When buying them in bulk, you can purchase them for as little as a dollar a glass and they can work wonders for decor. In today’s post, I have gathered 9 ways to decorate with mason jars. Enjoy!

Looking for more mason jar ideas? Check out my Pinterest page… There’s tons.


“Building a foundation”


Everyone knows that in a relationship, the foundation is the key concept of a successful partnership. Without a sturdy and clean foundation, everything else will collapse. But creating this foundation isn’t just a one-man-job. It takes two to be one.

There are a few important things to keep in mind when creating your love foundation. First is teamwork. When two people live in a small, one and a half room house,  it is not uncommon for one or both to be a little grouchy sometimes. Hey, let’s be real, even our dog tends to be snarly when he’s trying to get his tenth hour of  beauty sleep and one of us talks a little too loud. But what’s crucial is to not let these little fits define your relationship. For us, surviving our small living conditions we have to be a team. When things get messy, we split the chores. When one gets sick, the other carries the team… and so on it goes.

Another concept we try to think about is never forgetting to enjoy the ride. This may seem like an obvious thought but for how obvious it really is, many people tend to forget it. Not just creating a relationship but building a relationship is supposed to be fun and exciting. Tyler and I, we tend to be money worriers. When times get tough, they get tough. BUT! One thing we have always stayed passionate and true to is our love for traveling and exploring. We feel that this is so important for couples to do. Its fresh, fun and exciting. When you are settling down with someone for the long haul, things can get “regular”. To stay a strong couple you need to mix things up. Because this whole blog is catered to keeping things inexpensive (and we all know travel is far from inexpensive) explore local. Find a new trail to hike, drive for an hour and go get an appetizer in a town you’ve never been before, take a class off of Groupon together.

There’s so many ways to build a strong foundation and continue to build steady home, you just need to look. Be creative! Enjoy what life has to offer you and stay connected! It may feel like you want to strangle your partner sometimes but it’s because you love them. Right?

Photo: Dan Abrahamson & Lauren Waslick

The Bridal Expo

1e290273-ed04-452c-bc28-b8a035cb5736When I first found out there was a wedding expo at the exact venue I had been dying to see, I was beyond excited. This was really the first glace I was going to have at actual wedding planning.  The woman at the door greeted me and handed me a beautiful, dainty card with a long list of vendors to visit. If I reached every table I would be entered into a raffle for a chance to win two wedding bands. Entering the expo, I felt like nothing but diamonds. Tyler and I walked in, grabbed a glass of wine with some cheese and olives and began to walk around the tables. We looked down at the list of about 25 vendors or so and thought, “Easy! We’ve got this!” After 4 hours or so we had only seen about 14 tables… (Tip: Don’t go to an expo just for the raffle because chances are it requires a lot more than showing up.)

The tables we did get the chance to visit included: caterers, bakers, photographers, DJ’s and decorators. They all brought wonderful stuff to the table but when we saw how much each thing cost, it was insane! A wedding video: $4,000, invitations with Save the Dates: $7,000, cupcakes: $600 and so on it went. Now you know what truly inspired me to do as much DIY as possible. Although it was an experience much needed, I don’t think I would go to another but I do recommend to visit at least one because it really does come of help when figuring out a total budget.


The Basics

Let me start off by explaining what a hashtag is to those of you who may not know. The symbol which used to be more popularly known as the number or pound sign (#) has formulated into a networking tool that allows people to connect with topics or short phrases. Still confused…? Go ahead and type in #Wedding into your search bar on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook… you’ll get the point. So why have we so widely begun to brand our weddings these days with such a thing?

To start off, a hashtag gives a good common ground for your guests to share excitement, plans and photos. The earlier you come up with a hashtag for your wedding, the more it will spread and the more action it will get. It can also be very beneficial when it comes to gathering all your wedding photos when the wedding is over. No need to go crazy contacting all your guests for their photos, just click on the hashtag and they are already there.

Now, the fun part… creating your hashtag. Brain fart? Not a problem, I’ve done the research for you. You can use an online generator but chances are you wont find something that isn’t beyond corny or tacky. This is your first chance to get creative. A few tips to remember when making your tag is avoid spelling errors, capitalize the beginning of each word and CHECK IT BEFORE YOU USE IT! Common hashtags are made from combining the names of the bride and groom, incorporating your wedding theme (if any) or by using alliterations, rhymes or puns to form a clever and unique tag.

What’s my hashtag?

Using some of the tips given above, we have come up with a hashtag for our wedding. Although it is so far in advanced, we hope that announcing it now will just give our guests more time to get excited with us. We began by combining our names to come up with something catchy and clever. Unfortunately, our outcome was “testee”… not very romantic. We decided to go for simple… Something that is unique to us and easy to remember. #HappilyEverLimoges

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