I’ve been to weddings and I know that a lot of times when I get to the wedding reception, I spend the first 10 minutes trying to find my seat by circling every table looking at the guest card. If you are looking for a rustic, vintage, classic or California style wedding this is perfect for you and your guests! Put this at the entrance of your reception and make sure to have clear number signs on your tables. The hardest part about making this project happen is finding someone to drink all that wine! No need to panic, stores such as Target, Amazon or even A.C. Moore usually have corks that you can buy in bulk for pretty cheap. Hot glue them all together, frame it and you have yourself a cork board. For some extra support, it helps to glue the corks in twos and stick sewing pins horizontally through them. Then glue them all to a surface.

If you fall a table short and still want the clever number sign incorporated in your project, a nice touch would be to add a bride and groom photo to the board. After all, that is the center of the occasion, right?

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